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Wall Panels Vineyards - Tung Oil

Credits to Bellacor

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Wall Panels Vineyards - Tung Oil Review

This product has nice 81.95 and it's from trustworthy Natural Fine Furnishings.It's Worth your money, because it has good quality.

Wall Panels Vineyards - Tung Oil Description

Each piece is hand-carved from a solid piece of kiln-dried, sustainable monkey pod wood. Skilled craftsmen from the Chiang Mai area in northern Thailand create these one-of-a-kind pieces with the simplest of tools. Samanea saman's (aka Rain Tree, Acacia, Monkey Pod, etc.) wood color ranges from light reddish beiges to dark reddish browns. Due to humidity, the wood ages in front of your eyes as small cracks appear in the grain over time. It's a little piece of life transported straight into your home. Direct Sunlight can cause more checking (cracking) on the ends, but simply rub in a wood preservative or was to seal again and enjoy the beauty of the Monkey Pod wood. -Due to the nature of this product, slight variations will occur. Natural Fine Furnishings - WPV1212-TO2