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Swix HF5X Wax - 40g

Credits to Jans

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Swix HF5X Wax - 40g Review

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Swix HF5X Wax - 40g Description

For colder race days, make sure to have a block of Swix HF5X Wax close at hand. This high fluoro wax offers exceptional glide when the temperature is between -8AdegC and -14AdegC. While it can be used as a stand-alone race wax, HF5X is optimized by adding a top coat of FC05X. Due to its lower melting point, this wax is easier to apply than HF4X while still offering speed in cold conditions. Don't get left out in the cold - be prepared on frigid days with Swix HF5X. Can be used as a stand-alone race wax Excellent base coat for FC05X Easy to work with Recommended iron temperature: 150AdegC (311AdegF) .