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SuperMax 37x2 Double Drum Sander 3 Phase

Credits to Rockler

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SuperMax 37x2 Double Drum Sander 3 Phase Review

I am very pleased with the SuperMax 37x2 Double Drum Sander 3 Phase. I use it all the time. I wish that I had this additional sooner.

SuperMax 37x2 Double Drum Sander 3 Phase Description

Make quick, easy work of large-scale production sanding and get remarkably smooth, consistent results with this SuperMax 37'' Dual Drum Sander. Equipped with a continuous-duty 5HP 208-230V three-phase motor, it can handle pieces up to 37"" wide and 12"" thick. Shown with SuperMax Caster Set - Sold Separately (#98-0130) , SuperMax ProScale (R) DRO - Sold Separately (#98-0118) and SuperMax Rack'N Roll - (#98-0070) .Features:Prevents gouging, damaging or burning stock.Provides consistent finish even with varying grain pattern and density.Greatly increases abrasive planing and dimensioning speed.Drum ball bearing are sealed and permanently lubricated.Cast stand, zinc-plate steel bed, centerless ground column tubes.INTELLISAND Control: Automatically adjusts conveyor speed based on load.Flatness Guarantee: Precision-flattened steel conveyor bed reinforced with four steel cross sections for no ""flex"" in conveyor, guaranteeing flatness to less than .010"" across the width of the sander.Abrasive conveyor belt offers the best grip for raw wood, giving you the ability to accommodate stock that is much shorter or thinner.Patented Abrasive Attachment System effectively tensions the abrasive wraps, preventing loose abrasive and overlap.Easiest access to abrasive fastening system of any drum sander! Machine design includes additional space around abrasive, eliminating the need for special tools.Self-cooling drum prevents overheating and extends abrasive life.