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Non-Skid Rubber Bumpers

Credits to Rockler

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Non-Skid Rubber Bumpers Review

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Non-Skid Rubber Bumpers Description

Made from a non-skid material called PolylastomerA (R) , these rubber bumpers excel at keeping objects in place, and protecting the surface beneath. Now you can mince garlic without the cutting board walking across the counter. They also have utility in the shop for jigs, or for protecting sanded surfaces while you sand the other side. Use them on bread boxes, cookbook holders, or as heavy-duty bumpers for larger cabinet doors. Available in 1/2"" or 3/4"" diameters.Technical Details:Made from PolylastomerA (R) , a rubber-like material.Use screws to secure the rubber bumpers.Also can be used as case feet for lightweight furniture that tends to slide.Bumpers are approximately 1/4"" high.Screws included.