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Livity Morel Hunter Shirt

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Livity Morel Hunter Shirt Review

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Livity Morel Hunter Shirt Description

US Outdoor snow water land logo embriodered on wearer's right back shoulderConventional clothing is killing our habitat: The Textile Industry is one of the most polluting industries on earth second only to the Petrochemical Industry.Refining crude oil into synthetic Nylons materials creates some of the worst forms of pollution the traditional dyes used are loaded with heavy metals that are especially harmful to human beings animals and our habitat. Commercial Cotton is rapidly destroying farm land and contributing to the poisoning of waterways around the world. One commercial cotton T-shirt requires over 2 pounds of toxic pesticides be applied to the earth. Due to these facts wearing traditional clothing made using conventional toxic textiles is directly related to ecological destruction. The best way to avoid having our clothing contribute to an early grave for humankind is to choose sustainable/organic alternatives to these toxic traditional materials.The alternative to clothes made from Toxic Textiles can now be found readily available. Sustainable garments and accessories are now being made using Organic Cotton Hemp Recycled Plastics Bamboo Soy Flax Linen Wool Silk and other natural fibers . The Livity Textile Lab is experimenting constantly with both ancient and new emerging fibers to develop the textiles of the future. Features:US Outdoor snow water land logo embriodered on wearer's right back shoulderTreehugger meets lumberjack with this organic cotton flannel. With a dense weave and super soft feel LiViTY's Morel Hunter exemplifies the utility and comfort of the classic buffalo check flannel shirt.