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Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Credits to ed2go

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Human Anatomy and Physiology II Review

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Human Anatomy and Physiology II Description

In this course, we'll cover some more advanced topics that we didn't have time for in Human Anatomy and Physiology I. We'll start with basic histology-the study of the different tissues in the body. You'll learn about the structure and function of epithelial, connective, nervous, and muscular tissue. You'll come to understand the different sub-types of these tissues, where they're located, and the special jobs they perform. From there, we'll move on to a discussion of the different senses. We'll study how your brain receives and processes information from your skin, joints, muscles, and special balance organs in your ears. Then we'll discuss the sensations of sight, sound, taste, and smell. You'll learn about the organs that receive these sensations and how the brain makes sense of them. We'll also delve into the important topic of cellular metabolism-the chemical reactions that occur in cells. You'll find out about the major types of chemical reactions and see why food, oxygen, and water are essential for these chemical reactions to occur. And you'll learn about classes of chemicals called acids, bases, and salts, and their significance in the body. Then we'll focus on the human life span. We'll start with a detailed explanation of the process of fertilization, proceed to a discussion of pregnancy and childbirth, and finally, talk about significant events that occur from infancy through old age. You'll also discover ways to slow down the aging process. By the end of this course, you'll have an even greater appreciation of the complexity and wonder of the human body!